Gifted Hands

Some folks got plenty, but not enough to share.
And some folks got nothing, but give though their cupboard is bare.

Where is God's grace when greed blinds the few?
Who betray so many but pray from a privileged pew.

This earth has a halo that shields and protects
The cloth of creation and everything blessed with a breath.

Yet who answers for hands so profane?
They desecrate what's sacred and leave this world wounded and stained.

But if there is a paradise who can see it from here
When there's mostly trouble, trouble and tears.

And yet maybe the human family is forever bound
To make heaven here on the ground.

It says in the bible
That truth will make us whole

But we don't need preachers to
Be righteous in our souls.

And you know that brother, I'm your keeper and sister you are mine.
Lets all build a better world one brick at a time.

And let there be peace like a river
Flowing deep and clean.

Where justice and mercy are not just a dream.
When we join hearts together

And each understands
We're all made to make Miracles with our gifted hands.

Come on people we gotta rise up
Rise up and get it together

With our gifted hands
With our gifted hands.

© Composed by Paul McKay
   Performed by Georgette Fry