1. Don't Do It
2. Three Kinds of Fool
3. Rites of Passage
4. Hound Dog
5. 20 Million Things
6. Undecided Blues
7. On the Nickel
8. This Should Go On Forever
9. When Love Walks Away
Ask me to pick a musical pigeonhole and I'll tell you my home is in the one marked "The Blues". The thing about pigeonholes, though, is that (unless you've got the wrong end sticking out of it) you're bound to notice that you're surrounded by a lot of other pigeonholes that look like interesting places to visit. Gregarious bird that I am, I've left home more than a few times and have brought back some interesting pieces with which to feather my nest. The door is open ... come on in and have a look around.
-- Georgette Fry

10. Lovin' Whiskey
11. I've Found Peace of Mind
12. Come on in My Kitchen
13. Sip the Wine (R. Danko - The Band)
14. Calling It Even
15. The Exile