1.  Better Educated Guess G. Fry

 2.  I Found You Out

G. Fry
 3.  One of Us Is Crazy G. Fry
 4.  Blue is Still Blue G. Fry
 5.  She Just Wants to Dance Keb Mo' (Kevin Moore)
 6.  Nothin' Like a Train G. Fry
 7.  Let Me Drive G. Fry
 8.  Birthday Blues G. Fry. (Lyrics)
 9.  It Hasn't Happened Yet John Hiatt
10. The Richest One Bill Carter
11. Gifted Hands Paul McKay. (Lyrics)
12. Eclipsed Paul McKay
Andy Grigg writes, "Georgette is the best there is...This is one of the greatest albums in Canadian Music history (any genre!) and if you asked me to name one better than this, I couldn't. 6 big bottles for Georgette Fry's masterpiece." Real Blues Magazine, December 2003.